PV project development

The stages of the development process - the specification

The location audit

We proceed with a complete planning-environmental analysis in terms of photovoltaics, which determines how the photovoltaic process should be handled, as well as which administrative decisions need to be obtained. The analysis of the provisions of the planning documents, i.e. the zoning development plan, as well as the study of land use conditions and directions:

  • The occurrence of nature conservation forms
  • The occurrence of wildlife corridors
  • An analysis of forest management plans and of simplified forest management plans
  • An analysis of the areas which are at risk of flooding
  • An analysis of the occurrence of mineral deposits
  • The occurrence of a collision with existing or planned technical infrastructures, e.g. electricity, gas, or road infrastructures.
  • Land valuation classes
  • Soils with melioration drainage
  • The classification of mineral and organic soils
  • The reliefs and exposure
  • The records of the landscape audit

After having conducted an in-depth analysis, we are able to point out the additional approvals or permissions which one should obtain:

  • Permission to remove trees or shrubs (this including the preparation of a replacement planting plan)
  • The changes in the designated use of the lands
  • The geodetic division of the lands
  • Water law permit
  • Any other potentially required approvals, permits, or decisions, such as the permission to place infrastructure within a road lane, or the decisions allowing for the location of an exit (pursuant to art. 29. of the act on public roads).


The decision specifying the environmental conditions

As per the Act of 3 October 2008 on sharing information about the environment and its protection, public participation in environmental protection and environmental impact assessment. We will prepare the KIP (Karta Informacyjna Przedsięwzięcia – Project outline specification) pursuant to art. 62a of the environmental protection act. We monitor the entire procedure until the final and legally binding Decision on the Environmental Conditions for an Investment is obtained.

The Land Development Conditions

In the case of the lack of a valid MPZP (Local Zoning Plan) with provisions that allow the location of on-site devices permitting producing electricity from PV or RES for an area which is covered by the investment intention. We prepare all the required documents (the applications, the maps, the attachments) to implement the application for the issuing of the Development conditions pursuant to the act of 27 March, 2003, on Spatial Planning and Development. We monitor the entire procedure until a legally binding Decision on the Development Conditions of the Investment is obtained.

The conditions for connection

The procedure for the connection of the producers to the OSD (Distribution Network Operators) is regulated by art. 7 of the Energy Law act. We prepare the complete documentation for submitting an application for the connection conditions to the local OSD (Distribution Network Operator). On the basis of the applications which will be submitted, the connection conditions will be determined, as well as the implementation schedule of the connection. These documents contain all the detailed technical information and arrangements as per the Energy Law, which are required for the connection. This regards in particular the scope of the devices which will be constructed, their technical parameters, and the obligations of the Parties, the date of the connection, and the validity of the agreement.


The building permit

We will prepare a complete construction project for a photovoltaic installation, which is completed as per the requirements included in the Regulation of the Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy date April 25th, 2012, on the determination of geotechnical conditions for the foundations of building structures, as amended. The documents are prepared in accordance with the standards and principles of technical knowledge, as well as with the best practices applied in the photovoltaic industry.

The admission for the RES auction

The prequalification, this meaning the procedure of the formal evaluation of the preparation of generating electricity by a given installation, is a procedure, as a part of which – pursuant to art. 90 of the RES act – the provisions of the act of 14 June 1960 – the Code of Administrative Procedure – are applicable. The confirmation of the readiness for generating a renewable energy source in a given installation is confirmed by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) by issuing a certificate confirming the admission to the RES auction. On behalf of the Investor, we prepare, complete, and audit, the former documentation of the photovoltaic farm in order to submit a pre-qualification application for the RES auction.

The construction of the Farm

The construction and reconstruction of infrastructure devices, this including the power cable line, is handled on the basis of a building permit decision, or a building notification pursuant to the provisions of the Building Law (Polish Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 89, item 414, as amended, up to the Polish Journal of Laws of 2020, item 148). The Building Law (Pb) provisions in art. 36a determine the cases of substantial departure from the approved building design or other conditions covered by the building permit. The scope of the changes to the approved project. On the Investor’s behalf, we obtain the  MDCP (Base Map for Design Purposes) in an appropriate scale, as well as any required permits, authorizations, decisions, arrangements, provisions, approvals, exemptions, licenses, etc. which result from the Applicable Law, and which are necessary to obtain a legally binding Building Permit decision, or which will grant No Objections for the Application.

The acquisition of land

The plot criteria for building a photovoltaic farm
we acquire the land
we sign the agreements

If you have a plot which meets the following criteria: soil class 4, 5, 6, next to a medium voltage line, without a local zoning plan and any protected areas, with an area of 1 ha

The building permit designs

The project consists of the following parts:


The site development plan


The architectural and construction design


The technical design

The detailed design

The PV project audits


In order to meet the investor’s individual requirements, it is necessary to conduct an audit. A photovoltaic audit is the technical and economic analysis and evaluation of the project of a photovoltaic installation. It depends on the analysis of the photovoltaic installation design (the construction design, the electrical installation design, the detailed design, the obtained permissions) in terms of any potential design defects, or any other irregularities, paying particular attention to whether or not the project is compliant with the assumptions of the investor. Due to this, a technical audit starts with getting our specialists familiar with the investor’s economic goals. Next, the project is thoroughly verified in terms of its compliance with the applicable technical standards, as well as with the technical conditions indicated in the decisions which have been issued for the project.

The construction of the farms

We have a team of qualified fitters who complete the construction of the investment on the basis of the detailed designs. We implement comprehensive service and construction projects of various scales. We design, take care of the formalities, choose the best components, build, and start the entire installation. Once the construction is completed and everything is launched, we can ensure service consisting in the operation and maintenance of the facility.